Why this man bet $1M that Bitcoin will be worth $1M in 3 months

And why he believes the US will enter hyperinflation soon

Tony Aubé


Balaji is an ideological activist.

He believes the US will enter hyperinflation within 3 months.

He also believes that Bitcoin will reach $1 million in 3 months too.

He bet $1M on this.

For reference, this is what hyperinflation looks like:

  • The price of everything ×10,000
  • Your salary ×1000
  • So everything 10x more expensive
  • All your savings gone
  • People carry cash in wheelbarrows

On the plus side, your mortgage and car are immediately paid off.

Crazy bet for a crazy prediction. But he was absolutely spot on about Covid months ahead of everyone else. Look at the date on this Tweet:

Could he be right again?

I don’t think he’s right. Or maybe I can’t fathom a world where he is. But he does bring up important points.

  • Banking is fucked
  • The government caused it.
  • The government saving the banks will lead to even more inflation
  • They basically just undid all the work of the high-interest rates for the past years

I mean, you don’t need a degree in finance to see that the charts are all fucked: