Will AI Decimate Women’s Careers?

AI replacing jobs will impact one gender more than the other

Tony Aubé
2 min readMar 24, 2023


The future is great — for men.

OpenAI just released a list of jobs that are the most, and the least, at risk of being replaced by AI, shown below. Do you see anything special?

I asked ChatGPT to give me the ratio of men and women for all of these.

All of the safest jobs are manual blue-collar jobs, which are 90%+ dominated by men. All of the most at risks jobs are white-collar ones, which are 60% dominated by women.

This accentuates an ongoing trend where blue-collar jobs, which used to be the least desirable jobs in society, are now the most in-demand and the best paying. Whereas the white collar jobs, which used to be the most desirable, are now going down the drain.

And it looks like those safe, high-paying jobs in the age of AI will be dominated by men — once again.

PS: According to the paper, my job is one of the most at-risk, with 100% exposure to AI